I Am A New Resident

Welcome to Douglas County!

The County Commissioner Calendar lists the meeting schedule for the current year and prior years. County Commission meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month with the first meeting in the Valley and the second meeting at the Lake. The meetings can also be viewed live in the same location. 

Are you a County Resident?

Douglas County includes three towns Genoa, Gardnerville, and Minden.  Check each one of their individual websites to find out more information activities, water, trash and utilities. Stateline in Tahoe and Topaz are also part of Douglas County.  Douglas County is also made up of several General Improvement Districts (GID) and depending on your address you may receive services from either the County, A Town, or GID.

Click here to view maps of Douglas County. 

Neighborhood Guide

  • Your online resource guide to County Recreation Activities and Community Services.
  • Police, Fire, Medical Emergency - Dial "911"
  • Non-Emergency Number: (775) 782-5126

Take care of in the first 30 days:

  • Set up Utilities
  • Depending on your address you can set up your water, trash, and sewer for your home. Douglas County offers online bill pay services here.
  • Change your address at the Post Office.
  • Update vehicle information.
  • License your dogs at Douglas County Animal Services.
  • Make sure your house numbers can be read from the street in case of emergency.
  • Sign up for Reverse 911
  • Register your child with the Douglas County School District.
  • Register to vote at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office

Ideas to get involved with our Community