New Justice Center Design

New Justice Center Design
Posted on 05/31/2024

Douglas County, NV — Douglas County residents are invited to play a key role in shaping their community's future by helping the Board of County Commissioners refine the final exterior design of the new Justice Center on Buckeye Road. This state-of-the-art facility will cater to the future needs of the Douglas County Courts and the District Attorney, symbolizing justice for generations. Public input is crucial in this decision, and the Board of County Commissioners will consider all feedback in their final selection.

Voting is open from June 1-21, 2024. To learn more about the design options and to cast your vote, please click here.

A Justice Center is more than a building; it represents the dignity and importance of the judicial system. Its design should reflect the rule of law and serve as a welcoming, trustworthy space for the people of Douglas County.

The county has partnered with TSK Architects to create three design options, each honoring the judicial system's grandeur and history while promoting safety, fairness, and equity. TSK Architects, known for their award-winning Justice Center and Courthouse projects in Nevada and California, have also designed the 2015 Lander County Courthouse and the Douglas County Community and Senior Center in 2018.

County Manager Jenifer Davidson said, “The current Judicial Law Enforcement Building (JLEC), built in 1980, has served us for 44 years. The new center will be built not just for today's community, but for future generations. We invite the public to review each design and help us create an exterior that reflects the unique culture and heritage of Douglas County. Your input is vital and will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners.”

Design Options for Public Voting:

The community is invited to vote for one of three exterior design options for the new Justice Center. Each design embodies a different architectural design approach:

Design #1

Locally Referenced exterior Design: This design draws inspiration from the Western Classical Revival style of the historic Frederick J. DeLongchamps' 1915 Douglas County Courthouse. It aims to emulate the visual language and character that DeLongchamps' buildings brought to the town of Minden, extending this historical language into the future. Along with the Historic Courthouse design, local inspirations for the design materials included references from the Minden Inn, Bently Farmers Bank Building, and the Minden Mercantile.

Design #2

Neo-Classical exterior Design: This design references the American historical view of courthouses, employing classical design principles to evoke the idea of courthouses as temples of justice. Local inspirations for the design included refences to the Nevada Court of Appeals. Design elements include glass fiber reinforced gypsum columns and a foam cornice.

Design #3

Modern Interpretation exterior Design: This design offers a modern adaptation of historical courthouse architecture, retaining the general visual image of classical architecture while embracing modernism’s sleek, clean lines and eliminating purely decorative ornamentation. Local inspirations for this design included references to the Nevada Supreme Court. Design elements include a pointed entry, and plaster fascia.

Also, each of the exterior design options feature visual references to the iconic historic courthouse steps; physically separated from the building but functionally incorporated into the design as a public seating area.

We encourage all residents to participate in this important decision that will shape the future appearance of justice in Douglas County. Your vote will help ensure that the new Justice Center reflects our community's values, heritage, and character.

The construction of the new Justice Center is expected to begin in Spring 2025, with an estimated completion date of summer 2026.

For more information on the Justice Center click here to view the full project page.

For more information on TSK, the design architect, click here.

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Members of the public who are disabled, require special assistance or accommodations or an interpreter are requested to notify the Douglas County Manager's Office in writing at Post Office Box 218, Minden, Nevada 89423 or by calling 775-782-9821 at least 20 hours in advance of the meeting.

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