Douglas County Celebrates Social Work Month

Douglas County Celebrates Social Work Month
Posted on 03/04/2022
Douglas County Celebrates Social Work MonthMinden, NV—Each March, the National Association of Social Work recognizes how social workers and case managers have enriched our society and how their services continue to be needed today.

Douglas County Social Services’ mission is to offer supportive services to county residents in need of assistance. Through individualized case planning, programs are designed specifically for an individual’s unique needs and situations. Individuals and families can expect to be empowered with the tools and support necessary for long-term self-sufficiency. This month is used to inform the public about the amazing profession and spotlight the programs and resources offered throughout the community.

The theme for 2022’s Social Work Month is “The Time is Right for Social Work”, which underscores the contributions social workers and case managers have made upon the nation for more than a century. This theme emphasizes the essential role of timely action and intervention.

Caren Witt, the Douglas County Social Services manager, has this to say about social work and Social Work Month:
“Social workers address a wide variety of concerns, issues, and populations. I would like the community to be aware that March is Social Work Month and to grow in their understanding of the services and resources offered not only through Douglas County Social Services, but also the many other agencies and non-profits throughout our community.

The pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on our daily living. Social workers, case managers, and other service providers are facing increasingly complex client needs. Social work practice brings an expertise grounded in meeting the individual where they are. Therefore, social workers continue to focus on improving conditions of daily living in a changing environment. The Time Is Right for Social Work!”

Social workers touch millions each day and it is likely a social worker at some time will assist you, a family member, or a friend. For example, are you a student who needs athletic shoes to participate in sports, but your parents can’t afford to buy them? Talk to your school social worker. They can help you find the resources you need. Do you want a better relationship with your spouse, partner, children, or parents? A social worker can help you forge stronger connections. Are you living with depression, anxiety, or a substance use disorder? A social worker can help you overcome them and thrive. Every day, social workers and case managers empower individuals and families so they can live life to their fullest potential. To learn more, visit the Douglas County Social Services website at

Programs from Douglas County Social Services include:

• Adult Day Club
• Community Health Nurse
• Homemaker Program
• Social Services
• Workforce Development
• Resource Center
• Community Outreach
• Partnerships