Paid Parking Program at Zephyr Cove Beach

Douglas County Launches Paid Parking Program at Zephyr Cove Beach
Posted on 06/14/2024
Douglas County Launches Paid Parking Program at Zephyr Cove Beach

Douglas County, NV - Douglas County is pleased to announce important updates to parking regulations and options for visitors and residents enjoying Zephyr Cove Beach at Lake Tahoe this summer. For the first time, "No Parking" signs will line both sides of Highway 50 in each direction from the new stoplight installed by the Nevada Department of Transportation at Warrior Way.

Douglas County will have limited paid parking on Warrior Way, Zephyr Cove Park, Zephyr Cove Elementary School, and George Whittell High School (see map). The convenient, safe parking will also allow for additional sanitation facilities. Payments will be accepted using your handheld phone/personal device through a QR code or text message. Douglas County residents will be exempt from any parking charges to use the Warrior Way parking area. License plate readers will be installed to monitor compliance.

Flexible parking rates. (Starting June 15, 2024 through August 31, 2024)

$20 per day-(Weekday Monday through Friday)

$40 weekend- (non-holiday, non-high demand)

$100 holiday and high demand

(flexible rates will be adjusted based on demand in order to reduce capacity and impacts on Zephyr Cove Beach)

Douglas County is committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all beachgoers. The new parking regulations and paid parking options aim to reduce beach congestion, improve sanitation, and enhance overall safety. The fees for parking in these new areas will be flexible and on-demand depending on usage. Douglas County is asking beach goers to plan ahead and research parking options prior to visiting the beaches.

This program will involve collaboration between Douglas County and the Douglas County School District, utilizing land owned by both entities. This pilot program will help determine the long-term viability and potential expansion of a Douglas County parking program.

Partnership with HonkMobile USA, Ltd.

Douglas County has entered into a service agreement with HonkMobile USA, Ltd. ("HonkMobile") to manage the paid parking system at Warrior Way in Zephyr Cove. HonkMobile will handle card-based payment transactions through their software, which allows customers to pay via QR Code or text.

Net proceeds from the paid parking program will support the school parents club, booster club, Douglas County School District, and the Douglas County Park System.

Douglas County Beaches are owned by the US Forest Service and operated by third party vendors for more information visit the following independent websites:

The paid parking program on Warrior Way only provides parking for Zephyr Cove Beach.

For more information and updates, please visit:

Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and possibly towed. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be providing public safety and impaired driving enforcement as required.

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